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Lottery Winners Lend a Helping Hand

Posted by Sam On September - 10 - 2014

Lottery WinnersIt is said that it is sometimes difficult to come to terms with a large lottery win. There is always help available for those who need it; investment experts can guide people down the right road but sometimes people don’t want to start the journey. In contrast there are those who set their minds on helping others along the way, mindful that there is a great opportunity if they have been fortunate to help worthwhile causes.

Chris and Colin Weir from Ayrshire won a mind boggling £161m and obviously will never have a money worry again. However, since their win two years ago they have regularly made donations to causes close to their hearts as well as ones they have learnt about since their win. One donation went to the SNP and the independence referendum fund was certainly boosted by their £1m donation.

Charitable Trust
They have made contributions to a number of things to date and have decided that a Charitable Trust to help people, charities and worthy causes throughout Scotland is the best way to continue to do that in the future. There are a huge number of worthy causes that struggle to get help through the traditional channels. Incidentally, they have had time to enjoy their good fortune themselves of course.

Same Chance
If you think it can’t happen to you perhaps you should stop and think. It happened to that lucky couple and they were in no different position to you. It is not a matter of thinking about the odds; they are the same for everyone every time. If you think it is too much trouble to remember every week then the answer is to join up to an online company like You can set up an account, organise a payment schedule and forget about it if you like. You will not even have to check anything because winnings will automatically appear if and when they happen. No one other than yourself will be able to get access to your private account.

Your Choice
If you are lucky and a big winner lands in your account you will be able to transfer it into your bank as you decide. It will not earn any interest in your lottery account so it is likely you will want to move it fairly quickly.

Imagine what the interest is on the Weirs’ £161m. Even with historically low interest rates it will be huge. They certainly seem to be people who want to help others but part of them will be looking for a time when interest rates start to move up again. After all the implications could mean more money for their Charitable Trust. Perhaps it is time for you to join up and try your luck?